And he said to them, 'The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.'” (Luke 10:2)

The heart of this ministry is to fulfill our role (individually and collectively) in the Great Commission, to carry out the plan of God for the nations. Just as the Father sent His Son to the earth, He has sent us—those who are willing to partner with Him to carry the message of salvation to those who have not heard, and to disciple believers to love the Lord and seek to do His will. The mission field may be your home, your community, or across the globe. It may be a particular people group, a unique culture or a remote tribal village. No matter where we are called as carriers of the Gospel—and we are all called, we must be obedient to that call. The first and foremost purpose of missions is the command of Christ: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19). Heart of God International Ministries is a network of evangelistic ministries formed to provide a means for believers to respond to this mandate. We welcome you to join us as on this exciting journey as the Holy Spirit leads us to bring glory to God through the obedience of His people.



Heart of God Africa, under the leadership of Denise Matthews, is a powerfully effective evangelistic ministry now formally organized and recognized as an NGO in Uganda. Currently working to reach as many men, women and children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, this ministry has its primary focus in Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan. Pastor's Conferences, Youth Conferences, Women's Conferences, Widow's Center, Feeding Programs, Child Sponsorship, and Evangelistic Mission Trips are some of the many efforts undertaken by staff and volunteers. For more information, visit Heart of God Africa's website at HeartOfGodAfrica.org.


Heart of God Haiti, under the leadership of David Young, is a growing evangelistic ministry. At the heart of this ministry is the desire to serve the people as God is glorified, leading them to a genuine relationship with Him while encouraging growth toward personal integrity and self-sustainability. This is done by setting examples of God’s unwavering love toward all as those who most the world has forgotten are embraced – the destitute, the rejected, the broken, and the oppressed. To earn more about Heart of God Haiti, visit their website at HeartOfGodHaiti.org.


Heart of God India, under the leadership of Jeanice McDade, is another powerfully effective evangelistic ministry whose focus is teaching, preaching, and discipling men, women and children in God's Word. By equipping pastors and Christian leaders through prayer and Bible training, these men are able to go into the villages and minister the truth, dispelling the lies and false teaching that are so prevalent in India, especially in areas where we work. Children are being trained in the Word of God at the Children's Center while outreaches are conducted to reach as many as possible with the love of Jesus Christ. To learn more about Heart of God India, please visit their website at HeartOfGodIndia.org.


Heart of God Israel, under the leadership of Jonathan Daugherty, has its focus on being a Light to the Nations according to Isaiah 42:6. Countless hours of prayerful study have equipped John to write materials with a very balanced approach to the Word of God from a Hebraic perspective. Recently, after an exploratory trip to Israel, Eric Ream (an HGIM Missionary) has agreed to help put into motion a unique plan to reach the Jewish people with the love of Yeshua by strengthening indigenous ministries through financial support and opportunities for hands-on ministry. More information will be available as key partnerships are formed in Israel. For more information about Heart of God Israel, please visit the website at HeartOfGodIsrael.org.


Soldiers Bible Ministry (SBM) is under the leadership of John Hoben. SBM was formed to fill the many requests by Chaplains and men and women serving in the US Armed Forces for complete Bibles and Bible study materials. With the cherished partnerships, SBM has literally provided tens of thousands of Bibles as the requests come in. Additionally, Koinonia House has filled countless orders for study materials that uniquely resonate with military personnel. Other partners have graciously provided books and materials that build up and strengthen the military man or woman and/or the family. For more information about this unique ministry, please visit their website at SoldiersBibleMinistry.org.


Ream Team International, under the leadership of Eric Ream and Elisabeth Ream, is very excited to serve the Lord in Haiti and partner with Heart of God International. The Ream Team’s main focus is teaching others the life-transforming truth of the Gospel. They feel privileged to serve through a variety of ministries as needed while investing in the lives of pastors, men, women, students, children, adoptive families and others who visit Haiti. Please visit the Ream Team's website at ReamTeamInternational.org.


The Carroll Crew, under the leadership of Jason Carroll and Jennifer Carroll, is very excited to serve the Lord in Haiti and partner with Heart of God International. The Carroll Crew’s main focus is diverse, with Jennifer utilizing her skills as a Dental Technician to evaluate and make recommendations for dental treatment. Whatever they set their hand to includes exposure to the Gospel message. They feel privileged to serve through their tireless efforts to demonstrate the love and compassion of God to the Haitian people. Please visit the Carroll Crew's website at CarrollCrew.org.


Kofael is under the leadership of Elisabeth Ream, and another outreach of Heart of God Haiti. Kofael is a Christian non-profit program for women in Haiti, providing micro loans to women facing many challenges due to the economic and natural disasters that have wiped out their small businesses in the past. The mission of Kofael is to educate and empower Haitian women to become independent and self sustaining in order to provide for their families. Kofael is registered as an official organization through the Haitian government in Haiti and has 501c3 status making your donations tax-deductible in the United States. For more information about this exciting ministry, please visit Kofael's website at Kofael.org.