After our humble beginnings in 2007, Heart of God International Ministries (HGIM) now serves in several countries under the direction of a united force of dedicated men and women in pursuit of God's heart for the nations. In 2008, HGIM received its final 501c3 determination letter backdated to January of 2007; this was a major step toward forming what we now see growing in depth, breadth and results as the Lord continues to open doors. Today, HGIM serves men, women and children in the United States as well as Haiti, the most impoverished nation in the Western Hemisphere. We are blessed with opportunities to serve folks in India and Nepal, in Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan, and in Israel. With the addition of Soldiers Bible Ministry to the network, HGIM's reach expanded to untold numbers in the United States military as Bibles and Christian literature are provided free of charge to Chaplains who are eager to distribute and minister to those under their charge upon request.



HGIM has met many challenges during its history, none of which have left the leaders without opportunities to grow in wisdom and in compassion for those in need of the life-changing Gospel to feed the soul and humanitarian assistance to sustain the body. The Directors have each faced difficult decisions which ultimately led to changes in direction or ministry focus in order that God would lead the ministries through doors that He alone opened -- open doors with a purpose and a mission to bring Him glory.



Today, while sharing the love of Jesus Christ in areas where it is easy to love the people and openly preach the life-giving message of salvation, HGIM also preaches the Gospel in areas labeled "Gospel-hostile". With God's providential protection, the Holy Spirit continues to open hearts to receive His eternal message of redemption in Christ.



As HGIM continues to watch doors open to make an impact on the lives of people world-wide, the ministries have expanded to include child-sponsorship programs which may provide housing, food, clothing, education, medical assistance, and often much more. Children are given instruction in the Gospel and an opportunity to know first-hand the love of God and the free gift of salvation in Christ Jesus. Feeding programs have been initiated in village schools, tuition assistance scholarships made available to students unable to attend school due to financial reasons, and much more. A School of the Bible was established in India to prepare indigenous pastors to minister to their own villagers with regular monthly meetings for instruction, fellowship and prayer. A leper sponsorship program helps the India ministry provide much-needed nutrition and blankets and clothing as the Lord provides.



In every program, every ministry, and every people group, results are being seen because every effort, every plan and every motive is anchored in the Word of God and His mandate to preach the Gospel to all creatures (Mark 16:15). Lives truly are being changed thanks to the generosity of our donors and the tireless work of our officers, directors, and volunteers. And yet, as we continue to thank God for His blessings and the fruit He has produced through our work, we also look forward knowing that there is still so much yet to do. There are many others to serve, many more lives to be touched, many hearts to be exposed to the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! The history of HGIM is indeed rich with the goodness and grace of God as He alone opens doors that no man can shut!